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Update: Wet & Forget for use on roof stains
Published by Ed in Tips and Warnings • 9/16/2010 10:22:19 PM
Well, it has been one year since I first tested this product on a number of area roofs. The good news is that the product does indeed quickly kill moss and lichens. Moss will turn brown in just a few days and will begin falling off the roof in a few weeks. Lichens will turn from a very light green to white but will remain as round spots on the roof, clinging tenaciously to the shingles. The brown algae streaks have certainly faded, but are still noticeable. Even after three applications over the course of a year, they still can be seen.

Emails to the manufacturer have gone unanswered.

Some good news: I have not seen any new growth whatsoever. :-)

Though the product is expensive and works quite slowly on the brown algae streaks, it it doing what it proposes to do: kills moss, lichens, and algae and provides continued protection over time. You just have to be patient (not one of my best traits...)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...