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Before you hire a contractor...

Our Guarantee

Hiring a Contractor?

The following is a guide to help you in choosing a trustworthy contractor. Reputable contractors always welcome the opportunity to provide you with answers to the following:

1. Is the business a tax-paying, legal entity, currently registered with the state? You can investigate New Hampshire businesses by clicking here.

2. Does the contractor carry third-party insurance for both injury and property coverage? Ask for a Certificate of Insurance prior to the start of your project.

3. Does the contractor provide a written guarantee of their work?

4. Will the contractor be using “helpers”, "associates", or other independent sub-contractors on your project? They may be trying to avoid paying Workers' Compensation premiums which can add 25% to their labor costs. Be certain to ask for a copy of their Workers' Compensation insurance or YOU could end up footing their bill.

5. Does the contractor insist on being paid in cash, having checks made out in their name, or offer “cash discounts”? If so, keep looking. If they cannot be trusted to pay their taxes, can you really trust them in your home?

6. Does the contractor have the specific experience required to successfully complete your project? Ask the contractor for a list of client references.

7. How long has the contractor been in business? Will they still be in business should you need to call them on their guarantee?

8. Does the contractor attend workshops and training seminars to keep current with changes in the industry?

9. Is the firm an EPA Certified Lead Safe Renovator? Are all employees and subcontractors certified as well? It is the law that they be certified if your home was built prior to 1978 and any paint is being disturbed.

10. Does the contractor evoke a sense of professionalism and integrity? Trust your intuition. It was developed from a lifetime of experience.

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