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About Us

About Us

Ed Burt

Ed has had an interest in how things work virtually all his life. His father, Big Ed, was his mentor, having been a "handyman" all of his non-9-to-5 life. Ed was the one to hold the flashlight as Big Ed reassembled the engine of a 1951 DeSoto. Ed also supplied a great deal of the labor on many of Big Ed's home improvement and repair projects (there were many.)

Ed disassembled a lawnmower and its engine by the time he was in fourth grade (it was NOT the family lawnmower!) By the time he was in 9th grade, he was able to completely disassemble, then reassemble, the lawnmower...and have it run. (Ed also disassembled his portable reel-to-reel tape recorder in 6th grade. Never ran again.)

Ed is a trained, Lead Safe Renovator, with expertise in lead-safe work practices to help protect you and your family during renovations and provide proper clean-up when renovations are complete. He was the first individual to earn this designation within the New London - Wilmot - Sutton - Sunapee - Grantham area.

Besides loving the handyman business, Ed has a wide variety of interests and hobbies including his family, frugal living, energy conservation, personal and behavioral finance, and small business consulting. He has a BS degree in Biological Sciences from NC State University and an MBA from the Rutgers Graduate School of Management.

Burt Handyman, LLC
proudly supports:

The Upper Valley Haven
Be Kind. Be Thoughtful. Be Helpful.

Habitat for Humanity of Kearsarge/Sunapee, NH Area

Since 1998, COVER's staff and volunteers have assisted neighbors with homes in need, keeping rain, snow and cold air from compromising the occupant's health and safety as well as making homes accessible for those with disabilities. In addition to donations, COVER's funding is also provided by sales of donated home goods via the ReCover Store in White River Junction, VT. It's a great place to search for hidden treasures.

You absolutely have to see this to believe it. Located in New London, NH, the Ice House is an INCREDIBLE collection that includes innumerable examples of working tools and machinery, many of local origin: wonderful children’s riding toys, bicycles, steam whistles, padlocks, washing machines, auto parts, horse-drawn carriages, cars (mostly old Fords), a blacksmith shop, a tinsmith shop, and a wide variety of items of town interest including the first fire engine, first movie projector, and even the jail cell from Whipple Hall in New London.

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